Hello again.

About Me.

I’m Yoomi, nice to meet you. I am a Creative Directora Senior level UI / UX / Visual Designer with 15+ years of experience. I was born in Japan, raised around the world, and after living in NYC for 10+ years of my very adult life, I moved to the west coast in 2017 to be a little closer to my family… In Japan (it’s a little closer than NYC). West Hollywood is now my home.

In the 10+ years in NYC, I worked as a Creative Director / Sr. UI/UX over 3 different software agencies. Industries across these companies varied from small mom-and-pop shops to enterprise-level financial services. 

I am currently working for a B2B Wholesale Fashion Marketplace as a lead UI/UX Designer. I don’t know a whole lot about fashion, but I do know a lot about software design. I am a reputable leader, a solid mentor and a dependable resource – not to mention, a pretty decent designer.

I am well versed in print/graphic design and have extensive experience in both traditional and new media. I am a jack-of-all-trades, a master of some-over-another. As long as I am creating and solving, I am at my happiest. 

Product Minded.

My Process

Step 1


  • Who needs it?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Potential problems?
  • Solutions & Hypothesis?
Step 2


  • Deep dive into the audience
  • Understanding their journey
  • Crafting their stories
  • Personas
Step 3


  • What principles guide the project?
  • What are my goals?
  • Are the teams aligned?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
Step 4


  • Sketch, Sitemap & Wireframe
  • Prototype and Test
  • Find problems and iterate
Step 5

UI Refinement

  • Decisions on UI direction
  • Create design direction
  • Creating components
  • Polish visual design
Step 6


  • Annotations
  • Engineering walkthrough
  • Scheduling
  • Ticket Creation
Step 7


  • Post-ship QA
  • Live User Testing
  • Plan next phase improvements
My dog is really cute.

His name is Oreo.

IG: @storybyoreo
My main if you want to snoop.

I go places and I eat.

IG: @yoomika
I have a hobby.

I collect rare plants.

IG: @rootingstars

How I got here. Sort of.

Please contact me for my most recent resume or visit my LinkedIn page for details.

Los Angeles, CA
Sr. UI/UX Designer - B2B Wholesale E-commerce
New York, NY
Web Designer, Art Director, UI/UX Designer, Product Designer, Creative Director - Assorted Industries
Tokyo, Japan
Solution Management: Publication Design and other management tasks
Born - 1997
Japan - S. Korea - Germany - United States
Schooled in many countries growing up, eventually graduating with B.A. in Studio Arts | Franklin College of Indiana
A long time ago.
Nagoya, Japan


I have worked with Yoomi for over five years, through several companies, including hectic and demanding start-ups. Through our engagement, Yoomi has lead a rebrand for an established luxury health club, created IR collateral development for a technology startup, and has created visual assets for multiple digital campaigns. Yoomi's work is not only impeccable, but she delivers it quickly, with minimal unnecessary back and forth, and always with a smile. I couldn't recommend Yoomi's work product and work ethic enough!

Jeff HalevyFounder, Health and Wellness Advocate & TV Host

Yoomi has an excellent eye for detail. She is a very hard worker and sticks to deadlines at all times. She enjoys what she does and it is reflected in her work, which is top quality.

Rayo LanderosInternal Software Engineer, Facebook

Working with Yoomi is like having a second brain doing entirely different things but in sync. Her UX approach is technical as well as fundamentally sound and creative. She is an effective and objective leader - excels at optimizing and getting results when chaos is thrown at her.

Tony PhamLead Software Engineer, LA Showroom