Hello. I’m Yoomi. I design.

I am a Creative Director – a Senior Product Designer. I am a problem solver and a visual communicator. I have the experiences, the skill-sets, the talent and all the right questions. I travel when I can, am completely owned by my Boston Terrior (his name is Oreo), cook most of my meals and am a very good source to have around if you are into houseplants. 

Fun little project.

Martello App is a project talked about, played around with, planned and designed by a small group of UX designers and engineers that truly believes in its need for home owners and those looking to be one.

See My Design Process

My most recent work.

Out of respect for my clients and in many cases, a signed NDA, I will not display all of my work on my portfolio. What you’ll see here is a collection of carefully curated pieces that I feel adequate to showcase my skill-set as a designer.

You will need a password to view my work and I am very selective about handing it out. I appreciate your understanding:)

Designer Portfolio