Hello. I’m Yoomi. I design.

I am a Creative Director – a Senior UI/UX Designer. I am a problem solver and a visual communicator. I have the experiences, the skill-sets, the talent and all the right questions. I travel when I can, cook most of my meals and am a very good source to have around if you are into houseplants. 

A wee bit about me.

I started as a graphic designer for a publication company in the late 90s – an aspiring AS designer/developer in the early 2000’s – and making a quick shift to Web Design when Flash became obsolete. Over the years, I evolved in my positions as the titles split and changed. Today, I am interchangeably called a Creative Director, a Senior UX Designer and a Product Designer.

About the Designer

My most recent work.

Out of respect for my clients and in many cases, a signed NDA, I will not display all of my work on my portfolio. What you’ll see here is a collection of carefully curated pieces that I feel adequate to showcase my skill-set as a designer.

You will need a password to view my work and I am very selective about handing it out. I appreciate your understanding:)

Designer Portfolio